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AGENDA 21 - United Nations' Land-grab

AGENDA 21 is communitarianism, which insists that community rights and well-being are greater than individuals'. The UN is behind this menacing plan (already well underway) to remove private land ownership, private property, and all private means of production. AGENDA 21 puts "community rights" ahead of all individuals' rights. Rosa Koire on Corbett Report -- AGENDA 21 is the enablement of total takeover of all resources by those who want to (and presently do) control the earth and life on it. Because most people pay no attention to their local governments, the UN is implementing Its plan within local governments, totally out in the open but with almost no public awareness. This interview reveals how to identify and combat AGENDA 21, which intends to invert your life.

How "community supported agriculture" (CSA) is actually a Bad Thing that stems from UN's AGENDA 21 resource- and land-grab.

Code-words for the AGENDA 21: "scenic byways", "community supported agriculture" (CSA), "sustainable" anything.

Against UN Agenda 21 - Rosa Koire's main website

United Nations' anti-vehicle AGENDA 21

youtuber GRINELL61 reveals AGENDA 21 anti-vehicle projects in California

"Incubator Farms", in reality another United Nations' AGENDA 21 Land-grab

Deborah Tavares, exposing the profitable omnicide

Kill Cities by Rothschild and Rockefeller

Plan to Burn up Northern California Disclosed

Our Governments-Set to Kill Our Kids

Primary Water EXPLAINED - There is no "Water Shortage"

Origins of Water - Deborah Tavares -


Weaponized Weather Strikes - Rockefeller and Rothschild Have a PLAN

Deborah Tavares Global Strategic War Plans

Who's Running America, & The Climate Action Plan and the CAP

USA, Inc. - "MARKETS" of Crime

Deborah Tavares Critical World Events January 3, 2018

Silent Weapon Warfare: Deborah Tavares SD Fairdinkum Radio - The Best Documentary Ever

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